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Miniature prefab house

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Miniature prefab house

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Big dream in small performance. I bought a house as a gift for February 23 to my husband. He loves all sorts of designers and puzzles.

The house came in a crumpled box, although it was packed very well. I had a feeling that the box was originally such. To me, the appearance of the box was not critical, so I was not upset. Inside, everything was intact.

The box included instructions, two packages with parts, a ruler, and wooden walls of the house. All items are very small. For assembly you need good tweezers and glue (pencil and super glue). The paper was never glued too much, so they glued parquet on the first floor with super glue. As a result, he went in waves, had to tear off and print the texture from the Internet (it was already glued with a pencil). So the floor on the first and second floor we got different. Super-glue glued all the parts, not made of paper.

Husband spent on the assembly about three weeks, collected almost every evening. House size 26x16x19 centimeters. Details are made of quality materials (wood, iron, fabrics, etc.). The walls are made of plywood.

It even has wires and a switch, so the husband has electricity in the house. All the lights are great. With the help of a switch the light can be turned on and off. Looks very beautiful!

The house is awesome, it is very interesting to collect and then look at it! From minuses I can note two nuances:

  1. Instead of a chandelier, two pans were put in the kitchen. From it and made a chandelier. All other parts in the right quantity were in the composition.
  2. For such houses there are special dust covers. In some stores they are sold in the kit to the house, in some — no. In the description it was written that the cover is not included in the composition (everything is fair here). It upsets that in this store it can not be bought separately, and others where they sell it is expensive (about 1/3 of the cost of the house). As a result, the husband will make himself out of polycarbonate.

The seller is sociable and polite. I learned from him about the cover and asked to send instructions in English. In the end, it was not useful and there was little sense from it (there are no pictures in it). In the instructions, which is part of, in principle, everything is clear from the pictures (there were only a couple of nuances with which they were dealt with). By age in the description is written for children from 8 years. In principle, the way it is, but you need to understand that at this age and up to 14-15 years, an adult should collect, and the child will be in the wings.

I bought a house in “Fast deals” and additionally there was a seller coupon and AliExpress. It cost me 1563 rubles. Up to 2000 rubles, the price is good, higher already with a large wrap. These houses are often laid out in the «Fast deals», they are sold in many stores. Design options a huge amount. There are cheaper in the form of one room and more expensive — whole locks. Delivery took three weeks, the track was tracked all along the way. If you like puzzles or designers, you have children (especially girls) older than 8 years old, be sure to buy one or some other house. Cool stuff! Recommend!

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