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XMXCZKJ Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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Store: XMXCZKJ Official Store

Overall, I really love these headphones. The Bluetooth works perfectly. And the noise canceling feature is amazing. Great sound and comfortable fit over ear.

The headphones are beautifully designed, with nice gold trim. It charges using a micro USB cord. The package also included an audio jack if you don’t want wireless. The wireless Bluetooth feature is amazing. The battery life is several hours. And the controls are easy to understand. Further, the noise canceling feature works great in crowded places.

The headphones fit comfortably on the head. They adjust easily. Each headphone can also rotate. The headphone padding is comfortable and soft. The headphones can be folded up for storage as well. The gold trim looks good on the black headphones.

The buttons on the headphones are easy to use. Power, volume, and you can also skip songs or fast forward. Charging time isn’t long, and they last for several hours using them wirelessly. You need a micro USB cable to charge them up, which are very common to find these days. The headphones are on if the blue light shows. And off when the LED turns red. I use these headphones on the bus. They have improved my commute by leaps and bounds due to the noise canceling feature. The sound coming through the headphones is excellent quality. Also, wireless headphones are a great item to add to your list.

I would highly recommend these Bluetooth and noise canceling headphones. The design is sharp. The sound is excellent. They are comfortable and adjustable. Also, they are easy to use. The headphones paired easily through Bluetooth to my iPhone. And they block out external noise while I’m enjoying music or podcasts. Well priced for the value.

I have no complaints about these headphones. If you’re looking for quality sound, wireless Bluetooth connection, and noise canceling headphoness, these fit the bill perfectly. Highly recommend for people who love to listen to music through high quality headphones.

Store: XMXCZKJ Official Store