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OVERDRIVE Foldable Portable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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OVERDRIVE Foldable Portable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Store: OverDrive Technology Co., Ltd.


  • I have just arrived winning headphones for which thanks. The product is very well protected in the original bubble wrap packaging. The consignment got pretty fast. In the package I found a nice braced case of cabling type minijack and microUSB cable instruction manual. Let’s get to the headphones. Headphones very well made with a high cloth cushion and pałąg nicely trimmed skin. I could already test them. The sound of a big plus a beautiful bass nothing cracks super listens Bluetooth quickly connects the side buttons work superbly. Headphones have the options of the handsfree speaker was also tested the quality of the calls and the microphone very good. Headphone range on Bluetooth it was about 10 m and still played. Headphones worth recommending
  • The faux leather smells a bit, but that’s really the only downside on this excellent headphone that comes with a hard case. The bass is fat and very quick, making music very uplifting. The mids are full and highs are decent. There’s some soundstage, but most of the sound is close to your ears. This makes for an immersive, fun sound. The comfort and materials on the T1 are excellent — it blows Western products for the same price out of the water!

Bluetooth Headphones with Stereo Bass

I’m really happy I received this freebie. This is really good looking, especially for women, very “girly”. It has nice design, it looks stylish even if it’s only headphones. But it’s not only about look — the sound is amazing!

What I love the most about this product is a sound. It is really high quality, I was shocked. It plays really loud and good, and when you have these headphones on you don’t here sounds from outside, I hope you know what I mean. It is kind of „sound-proof”, nothing will interrupt you when you are listening to music.

I receive them in black color, with gold/orange inserts. For me this is somehow elegant and stylish. Headphones aren’t big, I would say this is medium size, for me perfect, I don’t like huge headphones and too small also.

I use them on a daily basics, when I’m learning, when I am in a bus — everywhere. They match every outfit. They are really comfortable, they are not heavy.

There was a tracking. Package was packed really nicely, it looks kind of luxury. Inside there was case for headphones and all wires. It’s so good because you can hide them there whenever you want, they don’t have to be loose in your purse when you can, for example, spill a coffee.

In a package there was an instruction (also in english language) and warranty card. The most important thing for me is that nothing inside was damaged. Everything is like it supposed to be, everything is working like it should be. I really recommend this product and also this seller.

Store: OverDrive Technology Co., Ltd.