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GameSir T4 2.4 GHz USB Dongle Wireless Game Controller

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Gamesir T4, a highly recommended knob for games.

In first spot, say it is my first freebie by what is grateful to have the timeliness of judge and Give toy my opini & oacute; n about an art & Iacute; ASS as is is you Gam is go T4.

GameSir T4 2.4 GHz USB Dongle Wireless Game Controller

The box of the product contains the knob, the manual instructions in ingl & eacute; S and Chinese But perfectly understandable, a plug adapter inal & aacute; tipo-c mbrico 2,4 GHz and USB cable.

GameSir T4 2.4 GHz USB Dongle Wireless Game Controller

When active you Tally how well you feel is as lights personalized, each bot & oacute; n with its color Corr is pondiente Adem & aacute; s joystick right and the central in which it indicates in Qu & eacute; EST mode & aacute; connected the knob. by another Side, conexi & oacute; n with the PC is rapid & Iacute; chasm. Just plug the plug adapter and press the bot & oacute; N home on the knob and the pairing is instant & aacute; Neo.

GameSir T4 2.4 GHz USB Dongle Wireless Game Controller

I was surprised by the quality of the joysticks for are accurate and by therefore fit for the Games in the required pointed accurate as are the shooters. EST & aacute; n cutlery by a rubberising with reliefs for easy use. Adem & aacute; s tally with a texture on the backs of the knob allowing grab the knob with higher Safety and prevent us from slipping. The triggers have curved shape and little haul, being a plus for those wanting a pulsaci & oacute; n M & aacute; S r & aacute; ask, to & uacute; N as & Iacute; Are Progressive. The buttons RB AND LB have pulsaci & oacute; n softback, what ago that the click is not as loud as in others controls. Features 4 buttons Customizable extras on the back and the rest Button are good and firm. Something that Don t like is the disposici & oacute; n of the start and Back buttons, duty & Iacute; an is tar down and the Turbo and home buttons above for access power M & aacute; S C & oacute; modamente to them.

The packet received R & aacute; I ask and ahead of schedule, in 12 D & Iacute; as exactly. The packing is good according to the product and transport, however the box has come with some crinkles But is normal due to the high amount of Bundles that are used in transport controls of custom houses and the ventures. A & uacute; N as & Iacute;, say the knob EST & aacute; intact.

Although the device in the PC as Gam is go T4 is recognized as a Xbox 360 Controller in your Mode xinput the which comes by defect (Lights 1 and 4 encedidas) but Tambi eacute; N has Dinput mode (1 and 3 lights encedidas). Carries a bater & Iacute; to 600 mAh it loaded in 2 hours and has a duraci & oacute; N 8 hours approx. Tambi eacute; N can be used with Cable and conexi & oacute; n is USB Tipo-c.

In short is a highly recommended for those who want something QUALITY knob and without spending much money, being M & aacute; s cheap than a knob of official Xbox.