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Blackview P6000 Review

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Blackview P6000 Review

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I won the Blackview P6000 and couldn’t believe it was true. This is a big black phone with a great screen and several functions. Of course, you can call who you want with it, but it also take great quality pictures, you can record some videos, watch movies on Play films, download some apps, listen to some music. And there is a face recognition but I didn’t use it yet. It’s quite heavy but seems to be very solid. It’s quick and easy to get used to it. 😉 it comes with some protection like a silicon case and a protection in plastic for the screen, which is great. You also receive some earphones, a cable and a power adaptator with it.
It was well protected but the postal service wasn’t too tender with it, so the envelop arrived a bit damaged, but everything was ok with the phone. The phone was protected in a good box

My impression is that this phone is very resistant and have great qualities, the battery can stay “awake” a long time and the face recognition could be a plus for a security question. My mum needs a new phone and I’m gonna give her this one because it is very good and easy to use.
It really looks like a famous brand of phone and uses google and android so that is good for me. The pictures in the selfie mode are good and tall. There are many possibility to use this phone. As a personal phone to call you friend and family, listen to music, take good pictures and you also can use it for professional purposes. You can receive your emails on it, note the big dates on your agenda etc…
It was very fast to come to my house in comparison to other products I bought on Aliexpress. Thank you very much for that because I couldn’t wait to try it.
I think that for this price it’s a great choice because for the same quality you would pay the double with another famous brand. It’s quick to charge with the cable and the battery seems very good. It is a bit heavy in comparison to other phones but I think it worth the price and quality of it. Thank you very much again ! I recommend the Blackview P6000