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Makeup Brushes with Aliexpress

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Makeup Brushes with Aliexpress

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Perfect gift! Let’s start with the metal box! See how beautiful and functional she is. Design pleases. It is convenient to take with you on a trip.

It closes securely, just does not open. In the box, except for brushes, you can put something else from the cosmetics.

Inside the box are beautiful brushes, each of which is individually wrapped. Each thin brush is packed in an individual bag, and a large one in a silicone case. Tassels lie on a dense paper backing.

The quality of the brushes pleased me. Made neatly. The brushes are well stuffed, have a soft, pleasant bristle, which does not fit. Two brushes for shadows from natural pile, the others from synthetic. Natural brushes of light color, synthetic pink.

The kit consists of 7 brushes:

1) a brush for blush;
2) powder brush;
3) a brush for the base;
4) a brush for shadows big;
5) the shadow brush is small;
6) eyebrow brush;
7) lip brush.

It is impossible to get confused in brushes. For convenience, each brush is signed in English. When unpacking the product was the smell of glue. One day on the balcony eliminated this problem.

Delivery time — 24 days with tracking to my post office. Packaging — postal bag with a pimply layer + an additional layer of pimply film + an individual bag. In general, the box reached the whole.

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